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Adults seem to forget that a lot… I never want to. ..f7321b26a69789ffe41457be6c648463

Today I read an article on the Huffington Post that I have vowed to never forget! Everyone that knows me can easily tell I’m a fast paced person… sometimes physically dragging friends and “husband” down the road when going on a “supposedly” nice breezy walk… I walk, eat, and exist “fast”.

I vow to at least restrain my use of “hurry up”, not just to the kids, but to myself as well… I need to be reminded every once in a while that its OK — actually it’s a necessity — to stop and smell the roses…




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  1. Totally right there with ya, I’m definitely a fast paced person too. Which is why this infertility shit has really thrown a wrench in my plans. You’re so right though, I need to work on restraining my “hurry up” too……it’s been challenging!

    • Abso-f#ck!ng-lutely!! I think it will become a medical condition soon… as soon as one of my doctors decides that studying me is worth some bucks.. I’ll let you know when that happens, you can join in and we can be lab rat buds!

      I was ready to do an IVF at the first negative pregnancy test but I was gifted with the most laid back person on Earth to be my lovely better (that’s debatable) half and if it were up to him I wouldn’t even have sought a fertility specialist even though we had been trying for over 1 year. Had to sneak my way in behind his back, what else is a girl gonna do?

      But, it’s now time to make some serious threats as he won’t even agree to an IUI and I can’t wait any longer!! taking suggestions!

      • LMAO, you might be even worse than me. I was ready to do IVF as soon as we got a diagnosis….and I was pushing to see the specialist when we had been TTC 9 months.

        My hubby is/was the same way, if it were up to him once we got our diagnosis he would have just bought a motorcycle and lived kid free…..just not an option for me. My husband wasn’t open to IUI or IVF at first, I had to give him some time….then he came around to it.

        How long has your hubby known “there is a problem”? Maybe he just hasn’t had enough time yet to think it through? That’s frustrating when you’re ready to do something and he’s not…..I know exactly how you’re feeling!

      • I must add I dream of having twin girls one day and IVF would help my case, so I was biased from the get-go.. Call me crazy, but I know I don’t know what Im talking about! I’m pretty sure that like everybody else, once I have one, my twin fairy-land-dream wish be flushed down the toilet lol

        Are we married to the same person? OMG I think we’re sister wives and didnt know! My husband says he would be OK, and thats not an option for me. I want to adopt one day too.. my perfect family picture would be composed of 2 bio kids and 2 adopted kids…. and mom and dad of course. And my dog Zoe. I love her!

        We’ve known since 12/2013, 10 months after we started TTC… and turns out I have PCOS and his spermies werent terrible but werent good either… lets just say they’re laid back like papa. He keeps telling me that maybe next month and then changes his mind… Ive heard the same bullshit store for the last 3 months… but I think if I squeeze him really hard he’ll give in.

      • LOL, yes it does sound that way doesn’t it?!? I like the idea of adoption too, but after my bio kids like you said….but I doubt that dream will ever come to fruition, because my husband says he only wants one kid (which is why I’m secretly hoping we have twins, lol).

        Well….maybe it’s time to up the pressure. For me, once we had our diagnosis I just knew I wasn’t going to try naturally anymore…..I knew I wanted to get more aggressive. I think it might be time to have a serious heart to heart with your husband.

      • I joke around but it’s a serious thing… we’ve talked several times about it… I feel like its easy for him, he doesn’t have to do anything.. in the meantime Im taking all these meds and shots (I normally don’t even take pain killers), feeling bloated, getting fat and out of shape, while going on this massive emotional roller-coaster. I don’t like roller-coasters… not even the real ones.

        If I pressure him enough he’ll give in but I feel bad about it… I think it shouldn’t be only my choice. What if I go through with it just because he’s saying “I wanna keep doing it naturally but whatever you wanna do” and we have kids with special needs? I’m gonna feel horrible and he’s gonna resent me for it… I need him to want it too…

        He even came to one of the first doc appointments and the RE specifically said that our chances of doing this naturally were really small, like 1% 😦 and that we should try IVF.. we both through he was exaggerating but now Im not so sure… I’ve tried Clomid, Femara and now on Gonal-F… I’ll find out in a wekk…

      • Dude, if your husband only wants 1 kid and you want twins you need to find a doc that will up your dose so you can have 2+ eggies on your IUIs! Here in Hawaii my doc options are really limited so I gotta stick to my doc, and like most REs he does everything he can to avoid multiples.. fucking doctors! If this month doesnt work out, Im gonna refill my prescription and not go back to my doctor so I can take a higher dose of gonal-f on my own….

      • What’s your email address? We need to move this convo private, lol.

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