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Life Will Teach You


You’ll learn many lessons in your life… My job is to guide you through your path and help you learn the lessons life has to teach you. Some people can take things pretty hard while others handle it graciously. I want to help you understand that the way you see and deal with the situations you’ll be in is purely up to you; its 100% your choice. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

You cant beg or ask for love… you just wait. You either live “love” or you don’t. There’s no in between. There are no “maybes” in love.

Jealousy is a useless emotion. Jealousy will not make someone be faithful to you.

Animals are angels in disguise, sent to this planet by God to  teach humans about loyalty.

Children learn from what you do, not what you say.

People that talk about others to you will also talk about you to other people.

To forgive and forget will keep you young.

Water is an amazing remedy.

Creativity walks hand in hand with being broke,

Authenticity is the best and only way to impress someone.

Real friends will never leave you.

Love is the best weapon against hate.

Differences make life more interesting and beautiful.

Believing doesn’t make anyone a fool. Lying does.

Children are rare gifts.

You’ll be remembered by your reputation and actions.

Thank you, excuse me, sorry, please… are all magic words… keys that will open the doors to a better life.

Love breaks barriers, unites factions, destroys prejudice, cures diseases. There’s No decent life without love.

Love, Mom


3 month update!

IMG_2171[1] IMG_2180[1]

My friend just had a baby and I look at her baby, then I look at Benji, and its so unbelievable how much how much changes babies go through in such a short period of time. You’re grown since you were born! Pretty much more than doubled your weight and all you do is drink milk! hahahah

I want you to know that I love taking care of you and I consider it a privilege. I know you wont understand for a long time for its a privilege for both of us that we get to spend all day together like this.

Right now I’m teaching you to roll over… you’re getting kinda mad at me for that… looks pretty frustrating, but hey, it’s life… and you’re gonna master your motor skills in no time. Plus I always reward you with milk so we’re good!

You’ve been pretty obsessed with your hands… even though i try really hard to get you to play with toys… your hands do look very yummy, I admit! Just wish you would let me have some too! 😀 You’re also holding your head up pretty well. You can even stay seated on the bumbo seat already, all by yourself!

Just wanna say I love you Benji and Im so happy and honored I get to be your mom!! I promise I’ll make it a fun life for you!!