Monthly Archives: October 2015

Strong Momma Mantra

Dear kids

While you live in our house I need you to understand that you will obey the rules. One day, you’ll have your own house, and you can set your own rules.

This is not a democracy, I didnt campaign to be your mom and you didnt vote for me. We’re mother and son/daughter by the grace of God and I respectfully accept the privilege and responsibility of raising and educating you. By accepting it I also inherit the obligation of my role as your mom.

Im not your friend; our ages are too far apart. We can share many things, but we’re not buddies. Im your mother, and that is a thousand times more important than a friend.

You will have many friends, but Im the only mother you’ll ever have. In this house you’ll do as I say without questioning me because everything I tell you to do is motivated by respect and love. It will be difficult to understand at times… until you gave a child of your own.. until then, just trust me.

I love you,