Hi, there. Nice to kinda meet you. I’m Ella, I’m 31 years old and I’ve been married to “Husband”, who is 36, for 7 years, we’ve been together for soon to be a decade. We have been trying to conceive our first baby since 2/2013… It’s been a long road. Infertility was not the anniversary gift we were looking for.

Our family goal is to have 2 biological kids, which I hope for are twins, and 2 adopted kids. Husband is not fully aware of these plans yet and it seems that neither is Mother Nature. I have hypothyroidism and (slight) PCOS and husband’s spermies are OK. Ive been doing monitored fertility treatments since 12/2013.

I remember being a kid and thinking “when I have my own kids, I’m gonna do this differently”, I doubt that I was able to use the word “differently”… I was a little retarded back then. I take notes on lessons that I want to teach my imaginary kids, crafts, recipes etc… With all the hormones I’ve been taking it’s been challenging finding the balance between emotional wreck and crazy bitch, so my posts fluctuate between hate letters to my doctor and love notes to my kids.

I started blogging because its free and its easier to type than it is to write in cursive, plus I can do it work and no one will notice. I promise to keep my swearing to a minimal on this site as I do hope my kids will read this one day.

Feel free to contact me anytime, I’m very chatty and I’m completely obsessed with blogging, so feed my vice.


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