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Choosing a Career Path

Hi baby,

I think I’ll share this with you when you’re a teenager…but as I’m writing this post, you’re still in my belly and you’re a tiny 17 weeks old. I’m writing these posts so that I remember things I wanna share with you but also so that I don’t forget who I was and the kind of mom I want to be as you grow. Read the rest of this entry


10 Things Your Mom Never Told you

smnty-300x200b1. You made her cry… a lot. She cried when she found out she was pregnant. She cried as she gave birth to you. She cried when she first held you. She cried with happiness. She cried with fear. She cried with worry. She cried because she feels so deeply for you. She felt your pain and your happiness and she shared it with you, whether you realized it or not.

2. She wanted that last piece of pie. But when she saw you look at it with those big eyes and lick your mouth with that tiny tongue, she couldn’t eat it. She knew it would make her much happier to see your little tummy be filled than hers.

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Mommy + Baby = 1

Hi Baby!!

I can’t believe that we are finally together! This feels so surreal… I’m still overtaken by a mix of feelings because it’s really early and I don’t feel you yet… I’m in love and scared, anxious and happy, nervous and looking forward to going through each stage with you.

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Exercising Patience


Rainbow07Patience Being one of the most impatient people I know and under the assumption that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I would like to register this message from Osho, to one day share with my children.

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What advice would I give to lil ol’ me?

imagesAdvice I wish I had been given when I was younger and that I will share with my soon to be daughter(s) and/or son(s):

I would say, try not to be so hard on yourself because whatever you’re stressing about most likely doesn’t even matter so don’t sweat the small stuff.

If what makes you cry doesn’t affect your life 10 years from now, it’s not worth it crying about.
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You Were Conceived In My Heart

IVFHi my loves,

My heart is a little torn… although I feel that much closer to having you and I’m really happy about that, I’m also torn with the fact that I won’t be able to have all the babies that will be “formed” a couple weeks from now. I want you to know that if I could, I would have all of you grow in my belly.

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2014-05-27 16_15_15-ivf love - Google SearchHi my loves,

It feels like the day I’ll hold you is so far and yet so close at the same time… I’m not sure why this is all happening and we aren’t able to meet, you and us, but our life already revolves around you and you’re in our minds every day.

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Mother’s Day Lessons

images (1)Hi Kids,

Mother’s day just passed and although it’s a painful time for me because I don’t yet know when we’ll have you in our lives, I would like to take this opportunity to put some things out there and write some notes to you and to me.

I know that when I meet you I’ll be completely over taken and filled by immense love, and that nothing will ever be more important than you in our lives. My biggest aspiration is to be a good example for you, as a person and as a parent.  I hope that my love for you doesn’t blind me and that I never put my own insecurities above your needs and best interest.

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Empty Arms, But Filled With Love

I love youHi Babies,

Can’t stop thinking about you…I’m very hopeful that this will be the month that you and I finally get together, as one, as mother and child.

I love you so much already even though I haven’t met you… we haven’t even made you yet. But I want you to know, I want to tell you this someday, that I’m fighting with all my strength to be able to hold you in my arms, to have you in our lives. Since our decision that it was time to bring you into the world and to have you in our family, my whole life has been dedicated to making that happen.

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Dear daughter

You may listen to what I’m about to say, you may not… I believe that you are in charge of your life and I want you to feel that way, empowered, independent, and strong.  Throughout your life you will date a lot of different people. you will probably meet your first love in high school. You need to know and understand some things that will help you along the way, and hopefully will make all the difference in how your future turns out.

The things is, in life, there are consequence for every action you take, whether you can foresee it or not… I’m not talking about punishments or being grounded…I’m talking about your daily decisions, of whether you’re going to your friends house or not, whether you tell a lie or not, whether you take school seriously or not etc… Remember what I said, you’re in charge of your life.

A lot of things will be out of your hand but all you can do is think thoroughly before making choices. Understand the possibilities… you are in charge of what happens in your life, and only you can change the direction of your destiny.

Before entering a long term relationship with a man, analyze him and decide whether you can live with all the things you dont like as well. Consider life goals, plans, sense of urgency, morals and values, physical needs, what kind of kids you two could create… but at the same time don’t just make the safe choice.

Follow your heart, keep a wondering mind, and always 2 feet on the ground.

Love, MOM