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Choosing a Career Path

Hi baby,

I think I’ll share this with you when you’re a teenager…but as I’m writing this post, you’re still in my belly and you’re a tiny 17 weeks old. I’m writing these posts so that I remember things I wanna share with you but also so that I don’t forget who I was and the kind of mom I want to be as you grow. Read the rest of this entry


10 Things Your Mom Never Told you

smnty-300x200b1. You made her cry… a lot. She cried when she found out she was pregnant. She cried as she gave birth to you. She cried when she first held you. She cried with happiness. She cried with fear. She cried with worry. She cried because she feels so deeply for you. She felt your pain and your happiness and she shared it with you, whether you realized it or not.

2. She wanted that last piece of pie. But when she saw you look at it with those big eyes and lick your mouth with that tiny tongue, she couldn’t eat it. She knew it would make her much happier to see your little tummy be filled than hers.

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Exercising Patience


Rainbow07Patience Being one of the most impatient people I know and under the assumption that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I would like to register this message from Osho, to one day share with my children.

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What advice would I give to lil ol’ me?

imagesAdvice I wish I had been given when I was younger and that I will share with my soon to be daughter(s) and/or son(s):

I would say, try not to be so hard on yourself because whatever you’re stressing about most likely doesn’t even matter so don’t sweat the small stuff.

If what makes you cry doesn’t affect your life 10 years from now, it’s not worth it crying about.
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Mother’s Day Lessons

images (1)Hi Kids,

Mother’s day just passed and although it’s a painful time for me because I don’t yet know when we’ll have you in our lives, I would like to take this opportunity to put some things out there and write some notes to you and to me.

I know that when I meet you I’ll be completely over taken and filled by immense love, and that nothing will ever be more important than you in our lives. My biggest aspiration is to be a good example for you, as a person and as a parent.  I hope that my love for you doesn’t blind me and that I never put my own insecurities above your needs and best interest.

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Envisioning My Kids

images (7)I would like to have 4 girls, 2 biological and 2 adopted. I think my husband is only down to the first half of this plan..

I don’t have any boys names on my list… just could never think of any boy names I like and that would work both in English and Portuguese… could use some suggestions actually… but for girls I like Seisha, India, Kenzie, Shiva, Luna and Leah…. but probably can’t use Leah considering that’s one of baby daddy’s ex’s name. :/

I hope you’ll have your dad’s hazel eyes, strong teeth and great (although balding) hair. From mom you’ll inherit slender body, beautiful nose, and pro-activity. Dad, like many other dads, is not the best at getting stuff done so let’s leave him out of this one.  Read the rest of this entry


Alimente sua alma e sua mente com coisas positivias!! And learn Portuguese!!

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You’re the center of my universe

While that might be true for mommy, it’s definitely not true for the rest of the world! remember that you are important and very significant to a few people in your life, such as your family and friends, and you need to treasure and nurture those people and feelings. You are very very very significant.

But don’t forget that you’re not the center of the universe and nobody likes to be around people that act self-sufficient. Always respect other people and BE HUMBLE! Being good at something doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone! There are billions of people in the world, and they’re all important and deserving of respect.

you are signifiant and insignificant at the same time

you are signifiant and insignificant at the same time


Love, Mom

Why didn’t anyone tell me this stuff when I was a teenager? A letter from the past to my 15ish year old kids of the future

Hi children of mine! This is momma speaking from the past to help you through your tough teenage years. Before you get all defensive and let unwillingness to listen to your mom take over, try to relate. You’ve been around for a few years and although you’re not the most experienced person there is — who is though? Not even us! But that’s life, an ever evolving learning experience that you must enjoy — you’re more experienced than kids younger than you.

Let’s say for example that you see a 3 year old kid that’s about to stick a knife into the power outlet. Would you stop him/her? Absolutely! In your experience you’ve already learned that this will be very painful and that you shouldn’t do it! We have a similar situation between us, but with me on top.

I’m not pretentious, I don’t think I know it all and I do believe you should be responsible for your decisions and actions. My job is to make sure that you don’t screw up too bad, follow your heart, stay true to yourself, and find happiness.

With that said, here are a few things that you should know at your age:

1) Likelihood is, s/he’s not the one! I’m sure your heart is telling you otherwise and that you feel like the world will crumble if you’re not together, but there are so many variables to consider. You will both change so much in the decade to come… your values, your desires, your goals will be formulated as you experience life and you’ve just begun. This relationship will eventually end… you might suffer a lot, or you might not… but if you do, just know that all things come to an end. You will come out of this stronger and more experience than when it started and that’s what life is about!

2) The best way to get over a heartbreak is to love yourself first! Get out of bed, get a haircut, go shopping, hang out with your friends! You need to feel that happiness is something that grows from the inside out, and not the other way around. No one else in the world is responsible for your happiness but you.

3) You’re going to change! Life has just begun… the more experiences you live through, good and bad, all the decisions you make, will help shape the YOU of the future. You must think of who you want YOU of the future to be and try your best to be that person, to be the very best person you can be.  Be open-minded, listen to others, really listen and understand what they go/went through, learn from their experiences.

Spend time actively trying to understand yourself. You can change your mind as many times as you want, but you can’t change the “core of you”… The better you know yourself the better you’ll know what you want in life, what you want from your friends, what you want in a partner, in your career…

4) Not everyone you meet is a keeper. And that goes for friends as well. People have a need to connect, you should know this because you feel it too, don’t you? Sometimes you may not like someone and sometimes, someone may not like you. And that’s ok. You need to learn to accept others and respect their decisions to be who they are. If someone walks out of your life, let them. If it’s a really important person to you, you must at least fight to keep the friendship, but respect the other persons decision. I know sometimes being a teenager can feel pretty lonely but it’s just a feeling and you need to work it out. Talk to me, talk to a friend, talk to someone about it.  You’re not going to be lonely! There are 7 billion people in the world and it’s only 2014! Imagine how many people there will be by the time you’re reading this!

5) Everyone you know is insecure! Its a human condition! Its called vulnerability. A lot of times people confuse vulnerability with weakness, but don’t be fooled, vulnerability is necessary, weakness you need to get rid of. Vulnerability is feeling exposed, insecure, like someone could hurt you emotionally… weakness is not standing up for your self, not voicing your opinion, not owning up to your actions. You can only feel love if you let yourself be vulnerable. Love is the ultimate connection. Don’t think for one moment that that person that looks super confident doesn’t have any insecurities… they do too, they just mask it well or have different insecurities than the ones you do…

6) WORK OUT! It’s a matter of time until you turn 20, than 30, then 40 etc… exercise you not only make you healthier, it will make you stronger, fit, confident, happier (scientific fact!) and when you do reach those milestones you will feel so much better than your peers who didn’t make the same choices… To understand the need for exercise you should understand how the body works and that changes throughout the years… one of the things that change is your metabolism, which is the rate which your body consumes calories.. right now you’re doing great because you’re body is growing and developing so it uses all then some more calories.. but by the time you’re 30 your stomach will be used to a certain amount of food and so will your brain, but your metabolism rate will drop… scientific fact. This is not mom making things up!

7) Dont be irresponsible for too long… I’m not saying its ok to be irresponsible ever, but just don’t take too long to start your adult life, dont let it carry it through your whole 20s…

8) Save $$$! I know you can’t save a whole lot right now, but it’s not only a good habit to have, but you’ll be very happy to have reserves when you need them.  You won’t just need them in times of despair! Sometimes, good opportunities will knock on your door and you may just lose it because you weren’t ready

9) Follow your heart. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel, not even me. You’re the only one that knows your true self… everyone has hidden parts that are not shared with others, that are secrets inside us.. don’t have so many secrets that it paralyzes you. Own who you are! Be proud of who you are! Stand for what you believe in! Even when other people try to bring you down. Forgive the for they’re soul is ignorant and they haven’t evolved and grown as much as you…

10) Life isn’t fair.  Sometimes life will totally kick you in the butt… you must always pick yourself up again. Some people might also try to hurt you and they might actually achieve that. But don’t let their actions rob you of what is important to you. Do what you love!

Stay true to yourself always my love!